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Examination Registration

On agreement between you and your supervisor, you may proceed to register for your doctoral examination as follows:

1.  Agree on a date and time with your supervisor and co-supervisors and inform the doctoral administration of the department accordingly. It is a good idea to have a possible alternative date as well.

Deadline: 2 months before the examination

The doctoral administration of the department will arrange your examination, i.e. they will reserve a room and find a professor of D-HEST who will act as chairperson of the examination (must be a D-HEST professor).

Note: The supervisor and at least one co-examiner have to attend the doctoral examination in person. The second and third co-examiners may connect via videoconferencing.


2.  Register for the examination at the doctoral administration, Academic Services department, min. 12 working days before your examination date. Note the information on registering for the examination on the web pages of the Student portal.

On the registration form, the department must confirm that you have obtained the required credit points. The responsible persons are:

Bring the completed and signed form together with a copy of your doctoral thesis to the doctoral administration of the Academic Services department to register for the examination.

Invitations and Examination

  • After you have registered, the doctoral administration of the department will issue and distribute invitations to the examination. They will also ask the supervisor and the co-supervisors for reports on your thesis.
  • Originally signed hard copies of the written reports must be provided by the examiner and co-examiners before the examination.
  • Doctoral students are responsible for distributing copies of their thesis to the examiner and co-examiners in good time.
  • As a rule, doctoral examinations are open to the public. Please see the information sheet for doctoral studies at D-HEST (PDF, 111 KB) for further information.
  • Information for supervisor and co-supervisor (PDF, 125 KB)
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