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All doctoral students have to acquire 12 credit points during their doctoral studies.

General information about credit points and doctoral studies at ETH Zurich is available on the Student portal.

Regulations for Credit Points

Please see the Detailed Regulations for Doctoral Studies in D-HEST in the Documents section.

  • A minimum of one third of the credit points required for the approval of student assessments must be obtained outside the field of research (i.e. BSc/MSc programmes).
  • When taking courses from the ETH Course Catalogue, examinations have to be taken and passed as indicated in order for the credit points to be awarded.
  • Participation in committees of D-HEST, in ETH Zurich members associations or selection committees is awarded with a maximum of 2 credit points.

Approval of Credit Points

Credit points have to be approved before registering for the doctoral examination. Contact for approval:

Confirmation Sheet

Credit points acquired in courses from outside the ETH Course Catalogue will not be entered into the system and will therefore not be visible in myStudies. For these credit points, relevant documental proof must be provided. Please also see the form Confirmation of course attendance for doctoral students (published on the Student portal).

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