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The degree programmes at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology are:

Food Science

Research in Food Science is aimed at providing solutions to global food issues such as food security, malnutrition, and diet-related diseases.

Information about the Food Science programme

Health Sciences and Technology

Health Sciences and Technology provides basic knowledge about the human body with the inclusion of the latest technological approaches in the health sciences.

Information about Health Sciences and Technology

Biomedical Engineering (specialised Master's degree)

Biomedical Engineering is the interface between Engineering, Biology and Medicine, and investigates and describes biological phenomena to serve the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Information about Biomedical Engineering

Movement Sciences and Sports

Aspects of human movement are studied from differenct scientific perspectives.

Note: The course of study of Movement Science and Sport is no longer available as a single course of study, but has now been integrated as of 2011 into Health Sciences and Technology.

Information on Movement Sciences and Sport

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