Food Science

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At the centre of food sciences are the real global challenges in the context of nutrition intake as a natural human need, human health and wellbeing.

Why choose Food Science?

Food science addresses the development and production of food systems as well as the relationships between the molecular and macroscopic product structure and the associated properties. It is the aim of food science research to optimize food products for the consumer. The transformation of the structure through controlled physical or biochemical mechanisms, from raw materials or raw material mixtures to the industrial product is influenced by the composition of the raw materials and also through the technical processes of industry production.

Global Nutrition

The goal of food science is to provide a global guarantee for the nutrition of humanity. This must be achieved with safe, high-quality and healthy food products from sustainable sources. Additionally, the specific needs of particular individuals and groups and in industrial, emerging and developing countries should be addressed in regard to health, nutrition, performance, and development. The knowledge of food science builds the foundation for these activities.

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